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Independent Investment Advice and Planning

Our independent and unbiased investment service provides a bespoke solution to help ensure the investments you make today will deliver the wealth and income you desire tomorrow.

An investment strategy tailor-made just for you

To develop an effective investment strategy, we will always start by establishing a very thorough understanding of your investment goals and needs as well as your relationship with your money and finances.

By working closely with you, we will establish:

  • The assets you have available to invest.
  • Your financial aspirations and how much you might hope your investments to grow.
  • Your attitude to risk. Are you comfortable making a higher-risk investment that has the potential for a high return? Or would you be happier with a more predictable, if lower, return on your investment?
  • Your capacity for loss. To what extent you would be able to sustain a drop in value of your investment?
  • Over what timescale can you invest your assets? And do you need the flexibility to easily access your assets?

The investment service we provide you will be completely dependent on your specific needs. We do not endorse “model investment portfolios” (i.e. a pre-packaged “set menu” style investment portfolio favoured by some financial planners). Instead we will develop a bespoke investment portfolio for you; one that is built from scratch to serve you and your aspirations.

And what’s more, our investment service is conducted completely in-house. By never outsourcing client’s investment management to some external “discretionary fund manager”, you know exactly who is keeping an eye on your investments, and it also helps to keep our fees low.

Professional investment advice that is truly independent

Through rigorous training and extensive experience in the financial industry, our team at Barretts are all proud to have Chartered Financial Planner status. Through us always adhering to the strict guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the 2012 Retail Distribution Review (RDR), you can be reassured that any advice we give will be transparent, honest, legal and completely impartial.

We operate strictly on a fee basis, so we do not earn any commission from investments our clients make. In this way, you can be confident that the investment advice and strategies we propose are completely unbiased and are designed to serve only your financial interests.

Clear straightforward investment advice

We understand that the investment decisions you make are essential for your current and future wealth and security. We understand that these decisions can be daunting must be considered carefully. We also understand that language of finance and investing can be full of confusing jargon and “finance-speak”.

That’s why we make every effort to outline your investment options as clearly as possible. Using straightforward language and not baffling you with unnecessary financial jargon. You will get a very clear picture of any potential risks, rewards and outcomes of your investment strategy.

Keeping your investments on track

Like any financial adviser, we can never guarantee the return on your investments. In a fragile global economy, the value of your investments may go up or down at any time. However, by establishing a long-term relationship with clients, we can monitor the ongoing performance of your investment.

We typically recommend annual face to face meetings with clients to report on investment performance, discuss any changes in circumstances, and suggest amendments to your investment strategy.

This ongoing relationship helps to ensure your investment portfolio is on track to meet your long-term financial goals.

Our Fees

According to the investment service you require, our fees can be charged on a piece meal basis, by the hour, a fixed monthly / annual retainer, or by the percentage of the capital assets being managed. Typically we charge an initial fee when clients first engage us as their financial adviser, followed by an ongoing charge for the long-term monitoring of their investments.

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